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"If I'm honest, I have to tell you I still read fairytales. And I Like them best of all. ~Audrey Hepburn
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What I&#8217;m Wearing
In this photo, I am wearing a mixture of high street makes.
My coat is from Topshop and is an oversized, “boyfriend” style. A coat like this is great for any season, as the neutral colour and timeless style never date!
Both my shirt and pants are by American Apparel. The oversized chiffon shirt is a personal favourite of mine and I have it in several different colours. These shirts are so versatile and can be dressed down with a pair of leggings or jeans, then for nighttime can be paired with something a lot more dressy, great for a few drinks or a big night out! I am wearing the hot pink version here and it is lovely colour pop, especially when the sun is still a rare occurrence at the moment!!
The black disco pants are yet another great design by American Apparel. Although they are a bit pricey, these can be worn for any occasion and you will definitely get your money’s worth from these! I wear them all the time: for uni, gigs, meals and drinks with the girls and nights out. They come in a variety of colours, but I have only braved the black ones (for now!)
My bag was an absolute bargain from Primark. Hard to believe, but this large woven clutch bag was only a fiver! It has some lovely summery colours woven into it, making it ideal for holidays, and it comes with a chain so can also be worn on the shoulder!

A word to The Daily Mail,

Having just finished reading an article in the Daily Mail’s “femail” section of its website about the fashion of Grand National, I couldn’t help but feel there was a distinct lack of sisterly solidarity, to the point where it was mocking and condescending. Upon reading the opening sentences, I steeled myself for what I knew what was coming: tired “jokes” and predictable pictures, you would think, by now, the media would have created a new angle to focus upon! Alas, I was subjected to yet another tirade against a group of people whose only wrong was wishing to have a good time! This article was an insult to many things: journalism, women and my deep sense of pride in the city I call home.

Being a Scouse bird myself, I have become immune to the sight of women tottering around the city centre in heels and outfits that seem more suited to a night on the tiles rather than an afternoon on the concrete. In fact, now I appreciate the unwavering persistence with which these women groom themselves to within an inch of their own idea of perfection. The flamboyance and extravagance of Liverpool women’s fashion has long been a source of both awe and humour for outsiders, and Aintree has long been used by the media as a display of these differing opinions. However, this article seemed to me to be a poor excuse for fashion journalism, with petty jibes littering the piece throughout such as the “fact” that ‘over 2,000 litres of fake tan have been sold at the Liverpool One shopping centre ahead of the event’ and ‘Orange dresses to match the fake tans are proving popular”.

Ladies (and gentleman) surely this type of bitchy comment belongs in the playground or the school corridor, not in a nationwide publication?! This is hardly an intelligent or well-thought out piece of writing and is something I would expect to see written in a note passed behind a teacher’s back. Looking through some of the comments left, however, it seems that many of the readers share this mindset, with delightful remarks such as this one from “RebeccaK”: ‘Seriously how rough do some of these ‘ladies’ look….should be renamed Dog’s Dinner Day’.

The article began with several images of women falling over, immediately inviting the reader to have a laugh at their expense. Yes, the Grand National has long been known for scenes such as this, but in recent years the media have honed in on this aspect, making a mockery of the thousands of racegoers who are simply looking for a good time. These women are not z-list celebrities desperate for their image to be plastered over the tabloids, and these images only serve to make these women laughing stocks to hordes of readers across the nation. How many of us here have taken a tumble on a night out, and afterwards begged our friends to remove the incriminating evidence from Facebook?! These women will not have a choice in that matter and it seems they are being harshly judged for something that will probably happen to most girls in a pair of heels at some point in their lives!

The article does give a nod to “a gaggle of good-looking friends” and a small portion of the pictures show a more tasteful side to internationally-renowned horse racing event, but the question remains: why hasn’t this article chosen to highlight more of the classy and beautiful dresses (and behaviour!) that I know where in abundance throughout the entire 3-day event? 

These carefully selected images, of women drinking pints or dressed head-to-toe in neon orange are being used unfairly to perpetuate a certain stereotype of northern, and particularly Liverpool women. The treatment given to the girls of the MTV Show “The Valleys” was arguably more well-deserved, but this was clearly a tongue-in-cheek publicity stunt and they seem to be happy to invite the harsh spotlight of the media into their own lives (although that is another article altogether!).

I have no desire to jump up on my high horse (no pun intended!) and I am happy to admit that, yes, I have looked at pictures like these and thought “What the hell are some of these people wearing?”  but I have no right to publicly humiliate any of these women, and neither do Toni Jones, Steve Robson and Sara Malm. As both a woman and a proud Liverpudlian, I felt this article did not do the city or the event itself any justice. In terms of fashion and popular culture, Liverpool is a thriving, diverse and exciting city, and it is articles such as this that reinforce such outdated stereotypes. I suggest that next time, this trio takes a much more mature and original approach in their fashion coverage of The Grand National, as they may find that the women of Liverpool have much more to offer than streaky fake tans and ridiculous hats. 


Read the full article here

After seeing this picture of Chloe Moretz and her pastel coloured nails, I decided to try my own! Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t stretch to Chanel manicures, but I have found some great pastel shades on the high street just in time for spring, YAY!!

I used two different brands of nail colour in my nails here:

 Barry M in Peach Melba, Blueberry and Bright Pink. Barry M is a trusted nail colour make and, at £2.99 each, are very purse-friendly! The colours really popped and I only needed two thin coats for full coverage as they are super thick! Because of the strong colour, I would definitely recommend using a basecoat in order to protect your own nails underneath!

Surprisingly, the other brand I used came from none other than my favourite budget chain, Primark!

The brand, called Angelicacost £2.50 a bottle and I used the peppermint and bluebell shade. The bottle promised me a “soft satin matte effect” and certainly did not disappoint! I needed several coats of these varnishes to achieve the desired effect, but once dry the colours were bold and indeed very matte. This matte finish is bang on trend for S/S 2013 and is certainly a change to the very sleek and shiny nails that have dominated earlier seasons!

These 5 colours work well on their own or in any combination and there are many more to choose from, especially across the Barry M range. You can either shop online at or any high street cosmetics store e.g Boots or Superdrug!

Being the absolute musical theatre nerd I am, I’ve recently been unable to stop listening the The Book of Mormon soundtrack. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame), expect plenty of tongue in cheek humour and shockingly close to the bone lyrics. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity for a trip to the West End to see it yet, and tickets are selling ridiculously fast!! 


Today, and last night, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because of this sickening cold that has taken hostage of my body.

BUTon the plus side, it has given me an excuse to just curl up in bed and watch Disney films.Like I needed one anyway.

So, here’s to Walt and the gang for cheering me up just when I needed it :)

Basically what I want my life to be :) xx

Edgar Allan Poe (Authors Series) by Ryan Sheffield

#books #quotes #literature


Edgar Allan Poe (Authors Series) by Ryan Sheffield

#books #quotes #literature

It’s so depressing looking at old pictures, determined to get that little again!!